Aroma recovery unit

In recent years, the interest of the retailers, driven by the increasingly tasteful market demand, has headed towards the constant improvement of the organoleptic characteristics of their products. Waste reduction is also a growing focus.

This is why Tropical Food Machinery has developed and designed Aroma Recovery, an innovative and compact automatic device capable of extracting aromas and essences that would otherwise be lost by the flow of natural juice.

Any product subject to industrial processing is liable lose some of its organoleptic properties, including the aroma. The loss can occur either due to the extreme volatility of these aromas during the extraction procedures of the product, or by evaporation during the heating or concentration phases.

Aroma Recovery is able to stem this loss. The unit consists of several vacuum condensation columns that condense the aromas using cooling fluids at different temperatures. The aromas are then extracted by flash evaporation and, depending on the grade of quality, sent to one or more collection tanks or added straight to the product.

Thanks to its versatility, Aroma Recovery can be used with any aroma-rich product even if not processed by the process line.

The upsides of recovering aromas are manifold: the extracted aromas can be reintroduced into the concentrate coming out of the evaporator, improving its characteristics but also being sold separately from the product.

This makes for an exceptionally rapid return on investment. High-quality natural aromas in fact have a considerable price for use markets such as food, beverages and cosmetics – exactly the fields of application of this cutting-edge piece of machinery.