TFM joins the project Transition Farm

First day of ‘school’ today for the 10 recent graduates of the University of Parma who were chosen over 30 applications received to take part in ‘Transition Farm’, the pilot project conceived by the ‘Parma, io ci sto!’ (Parma, count me in!) Association with the University of Parma and Nativa, the support of Cisita Parma, Unione Parmense degli Industriali (Parma Union of Industrialists) and Gruppo Imprese Artigiane (Group of Artisan Enterprises). These 10 recent graduates come from different degree courses who demonstrate once again how much the subject of sustainability is now an essential and transversal aspect in every field of study and expertise.

Students’ academic backgrounds range from food science and technology to chemistry, from biotechnology to psychobiology and cognitive neuroscience, from the food system: sustainability, management and technologies to gastronomic sciences, from trade and consumer marketing to mechanical engineering and management engineering up to economics and management.

The recent graduates met the representatives of the ten companies that joined the project, including Tropical Food Machinery, which is the reference for the industrial processing of tropical fruit and temperate climates.

The main objective of this initiative is to combine the need to train young graduates, making them leading figures of the ecological / energetical / digital transition, with the need of making these important skills available to SMEs as well. In this way the companies (at the end of the project) will have obtained a first comparative evaluation between their activities and the actions implemented by the territory thanks to the work of young talents.

This will be a first approach with respect to what can be achieved through the Benefit Impact Assessment tool in terms of definition of sustainability strategies and management of the impact generated.